If you are looking for an intensive Arabic program along with an opportunity to contribute to Palestine by volunteering, then look no further than our Teach English and Learn Arabic Program (TELA). We offer professional Arabic classes for those who are committed to learning the Arabic language along with the opportunity to assist Palestinians in improving their English conversation skills.

In this program, your days will be split between taking Arabic courses in the mornings and teaching English conversation courses in the afternoons.  Volunteer teaching in Palestine will provide you with the opportunity to learn about this amazing country, culture and history. This experience is available to anyone with an interest in helping Palestinian students improve their English language skills. You do not need to have any previous teaching experience and we do not require you to take a TEFL course.

Participants will take courses in spoken Arabic for 3-12 hours per week, in a professional setting and with a curriculum that has been designed to compliment your Arabic immersion experience. You will use the vocabulary you learn during your stay on a daily basis. Lessons are available in beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.  Students can choose whether to take MSA, Palestinian dialect or a mix of the two.  You also have the choice to focus on speaking, reading or writing (or all 3).

Our approach will help you to learn to speak Arabic quickly, as you will volunteer and live in an Arabic speaking environment.

There is a fee associated with the program which covers housing and Arabic classes.  The fee amount is dependent upon how many Arabic course hours are chosen.

All of our language classes emphasize language acquisition in a cultural context and have a strong focus on communication. Students may enroll in either a one-to-one private course or a regular full-time class.  Please read below for further details.  Upon completion of any Arabic course a certificate will be received.  If you need additional information, please contact: LaCasaLearningCenter@gmail.com

Option One (One-to-One Private Courses)

-Private one-to-one courses

-Beginning, intermediate and advanced level programs

-Courses can be custom tailored to focus on speaking, reading, writing or all three.

-Palestinian dialect or MSA

-Courses can be scheduled throughout the year for any duration

-Housing with local Palestinian family

-Flexible hours



Additional Information:

-There are no other fees associated with this program

-Housing is including in all above listed fees, if you do not require housing please contact us for adjusted fee amounts


Option Two (Extensive Arabic):

-80 hours per session/month

-Levels available: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

-Focus on Palestinian dialect (spoken Arabic) & writing

-Set schedule: Mon. through Thurs./10:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-3:00pm

-Maximum 10 students per class

-Session dates:

1) January 4-January 31

          2) February 1-February 29

3) March 1-March 31

          4) April 4-April 30

5) May 2-May 31

6) June 1- June 30*

7 July 2-July 31* (alt. schedule due to holiday)

8) August 1-August 31

9) September 1- September 30 (alt. schedule due to holiday)

10) October 3-October 31

11) November 1-November 29

*Summer Special – If June & July are taken together, $50 will be taken off each month


Option Three (Winter Break):

-Winter Break Schedule December 19-January 7

-3 weeks of Arabic class/12 full days/60 Hours

-Monday-Thursday/10:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-4:00pm

-Levels available: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

-Focus on Palestinian dialect (spoken Arabic) & writing


To apply, please e-mail your resume/CV and cover letter to LaCasaLearningCenter@gmail.com.  Once it has been reviewed, we will forward you an application form and schedule you a Skype interview.